Pastors Milverton and Mreta Ojegun of Jesus House Elkridge

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Welcome to Jesus House Elkridge. We believe everyone has the ability to lead in a capacity hence we place emphasis on ensuring that the God-like character is fully formed in everyone so they have the foundation for success.

To this end, we welcome you and invite you to take a tour of our website in order to get to know us better – our service schedule, location, how to connect, volunteer, join our online community and contribute to ongoing conversation to make an impact.

There are also important links to help you give or make donations online, stream our services live, listen to or watch past inspiring messages from our services. We look forward to receiving you in person or virtually during our next service if you are not already a member 😊.

Milverton and Mreta Ojegun
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We believe in Family/Community

As a Christian family/community, we care for one another. Come and experience love, warmth, and care as you fellowship through our channels


Outside of Elkridge and can't make it to church? No worries. Worship with us anywhere in the world. Just come here and fellowship with us online.


You belong to a loving community. Let your family connect with others through Next Gen's Church, a life group, the senior club or volunteer.


Sign up, join a forum or group and start connecting with others to discover and grow in the possibilities of our abundant life in Christ.

Leaders with sustainable character

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Join our purpose teams to become whom you were created to be – a leader with sustainable character who will take the gospel to the nations.